About Us


What we are about

Bollywood is more than Indian cinema. It's a whole world full of culture, music, dance, romance, drama, beauty, and glam. All of these components are put into our brand. We want our customers to feel all of this and more when wearing our products. When watching Bollywood films, take notice how the eyes of the actresses are highlighted in the scenes. It could be a long passionate stare or a choreographed wink. 

Our Mission

To be the curtains that reveals the story behind the eyes of every woman around the world. We want to share the beauty and culture of India while providing products that everyone can feel fabulous in. 

The Owner

Heart Hayes also known as Miss India Globe, and is an entertainer from Los Angeles. She has worked on different tv shows, films and live shows. Bollywood happens to be one of Heart's favorite dance forms to perform.  She has toured the world performing many classic Bollywood songs. As the first biracial Indian and Black American to win a title in the Miss India America Pageant, Heart is always striving to break barriers. Which inspired her to create Bolly Eyes. She found it surprising to learn there are not any major beauty lines representing the beauty of Indian women.